Appellation Côtes du Marmandais contrôlée




The Côtes du Marmandais appellation(controlled origin), formerly vin du haut-pays du Bordelais, is located in the Lot & Garonne department, next to the Gironde. The Côtes du Marmandais area lies on both sides of the river Garonne, an ideal terroir, with clay-limestone soil on the right bank of the river and sandy-stony soil on the left. Our vineyard is situated in Beaupuy – high above the town of Marmande which is on the right bank of the Garonne.


Grape varieties

The grapes normally used in our appellation are up to 85% the same as those in the Bordeaux appellation, i.e. Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon – plus up to 50% of the noble variety of Abouriou (see INAO, Nat. Institute for Appellations).


The Abouriou Variety

This grape, typical of the Lot & Garonne region, is largely preferred because of its resistance to disease, its early maturing and its distinct flavour profile. It is characterized by its deep, intense colour and its red-berry aroma. Combined with the Merlot grape, it results in an elegant, full and fruity wine.





Family vineyard

Successive generations of wine-producers have cared for this 10 ha vineyard for over 150 years.

Soil 50 % sand, 35% silt, 15% clay.


Density of plantation

Our vineyard has 4,500 to 5,000 vines per hectare, depending on the plot, compared to the required legal minimum in the Côtes du Marmandais appellation of  4,000 vines.





Our approach to viticulture

Here are the methods that we rely on for producing a high quality wine:

• aeration of the  vine  – to avoid fungal growth

• crop-thinning – for the best quality grapes of intense maturity

• leaf-thinning – for a better colour of grape and reduced acidity


The purpose of converting to certified organic viticulture, which takes several years, is to reduce human intervention to a minimum, helping nature to find her balance and the plant to develop its own defence against disease. The use of systemic chemical substances has been completely eliminated.  In case of any urgent treatment that might be needed in the vineyard, we only use natural products.


The organic vintage

It has taken three years to convert fully to organic viticulture, but now our vines, which are between 20 and 40 years old, have produced their first certified organic vintage with a yield of this vintage of 20 hl/ha. DOMAINE DE LA CROIX BEAUPUY 2012 contains 50% Merlot, 30%  Abouriou and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.



We favour a pre-fermentation maceration, then pigeage, or punching down the cap, without adding any external cultured yeast.


Aging after fermentation

6 months in oak casks.



5 to 7 years – DOMAINE DE LA CROIX Beaupuy 2012 will also delight you when young if decanted beforehand.



Serving temperature : 17° to 18° C.  This wine is stabilised naturally post-fermentation, and we do not add sulphites, hence it should be stored at between 15 and 17° C.  A higher storage temperature may cause some CO2 to be released when the bottle is opened, in which case you can either just cool the wine down a little, decant it normally, or just shake it slightly and the bubbles will disappear.


Breathing time

Please pull the cork at least one hour before serving. If served young, decanting will help to develop the flavour.


Food latching

Our DOMAINE DE LA CROIX BEAUPUY goes perfectly with grilled meat, sausages and cheeses (although not blue cheese!)





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